Boat Ramps, Landings and Piers

Boat Ramps & Landings

Brickyard Creek Boat Landing: 275 Brickyard Point Rd.

  • Approximately 10 Parking spaces (unpaved)
  • Ramp only; No courtesy dock
  • Ramp is rough; Deep drop-off at Low Tide
  • County has only Prescriptive rights to Property

Broad River Boat Landing: 1050 Robert Smalls Pkwy.

  • Courtesy Dock and Ramp
  • 50+ Parking Spaces
  • Lighting
  • Shares Parking and Restroom with Pier
  • Co-located with Broad River Fishing Pier

Buddy and Zoo Boat Landing/Station Creek Landing: 40 Station Creek Dr., St. Helena Island

  • Heavily used on Weekends
  • Approximately 100 parking spaces, Including overflow lot
  • Three lane ramp
  • Older courtesy dock

Butcher’s Island Boat Landing: 10 Butcher’s Rd., Butcher’s Island:

  • 20 Parking spaces (unpaved); No courtesy dock
  • Small boats only; Shallow creek
  • New ramp
  • Wards Creek

Eddings Point Boat Landing: 511 Eddings Point Rd., St. Helena Island:

  • Access to Jenkins Creek and Morgan River
  • New floating dock
  • 20 Parking spaces (12 paved; 8 unpaved)
  • Deep drop off at low tide

Edgar Glenn Boat Landing: 305 Okatie Hwy., Lemon Island

  • SC 170 at Chechessee River Bridge
  • 64 Parking spaces
  • Access to Chechessee & Broad Rivers & Port Royal Sound
  • Dual lane ramp; Courtesy dock
  • No lighting

Grays Hill Boat Landing: 395 Clarendon Rd., Beaufort

  • Access to Broad River and Whale Branch
  • Dual lane ramp; Courtesy dock
  • 18 Parking spaces (unpaved)

Parris Island Boat Ramp: 50 Marina Blvd., Parris Island

  • Access to Battery Creek and Beaufort River
  • 15 Parking spaces (unpaved)
  • Dual lane ramp (steeper than average)
  • Courtesy dock

Port Royal Boat Landing (The Sands): 50 Sands Beach Rd., Port Royal

  • Access to Battery Creek & Beaufort River
  • Heavily used; Limited parking (34 spaces)
  • Three lane ramp
  • L-Shaped courtesy dock

Russ Point Boat Landing: 15 Russ Point Landing Rd., Hunting Island

  • Access to Fripp Inlet
  • 16 Parking spaces (unpaved)
  • Two lane ramp
  • Central courtesy dock

Sams Point Boat Landing: 1009 Sams Point Rd., In between Lady’s and Coosaw Islands

  • Access to Lucy Point Creek and Coosaw River
  • Heavily used; Limited parking (approx. 10 spaces)
  • Dual lane ramp
  • Courtesy dock

Steel Bridge Boat Landing: 993 Charleston Hwy., Yemassee

  • Combahee River
  • Heavily used; Limited parking (approx. 14 unpaved spaces)
  • Dual lane ramp
  • Older courtesy dock

Sugar Hill Boat Landing: 40 Sugar Hill Landing Rd., Yemassee

  • Sugar Hill Creek into the Combahee River
  • 50+ Unpaved parking spaces; Heavily used during duck season
  • Rough ramp; No courtesy dock
  • Deep drop-off at low tide
  • Smaller boats only; Creek very shallow at low tide

Wallace Boat Landing: 245 Sam Doyle Dr., St. Helena Island

  • Access to Caper’s Creek
  • 10 Parking spaces
  • Rough ramp
  • Courtesy dock

White Hall Boat Landing: 33 Sea Island Pkwy., Beaufort

  • Access to Lady’s Island-Factory Creek
  • Heavily used; Limited parking (16 spaces)
  • Four Lane undivided ramp
  • Older courtesy dock
  • Drop-off at low tide


Broad River Fishing Pier: 1000 Robert Smalls Pkwy., Beaufort

  • Broad River
  • Recently Renovated
  • Restrooms
  • Lighting
  • Shares Parking with Boat Landing
  • Co-located with Broad River Boat Landing

Camp St. Mary’s Fishing Pier: 119 Camp St. Mary’s Rd., Beaufort

  • Access to Colleton and Okatie Rivers
  • Limited parking

Whale Branch Fishing Pier: 216 Seabrook Rd., Seabrook

  • Recently renovated
  • Unpaved parking area
  • Handicapped access
  • Closed from Dusk to Dawn – no lighting
  • Part of old Port Royal Railroad R/W

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