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Boat Ramps, Landings and Piers

Boat Ramps & Landings Brickyard Creek Boat Landing: 275 Brickyard Point Rd. Approximately 10 Parking spaces (unpaved) Ramp only; No courtesy dock Ramp is rough; Deep drop-off at Low Tide County has only Prescriptive rights to Property Broad River Boat Landing: 1050 Robert Smalls Pkwy. Courtesy Dock and Ramp 50+ Parking Spaces Lighting Shares Parking […]

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The Great Sea Island Storm of 1893

On Sunday night, August 27, 1893, the eye of the huge, slow-moving Category 3 hurricane landed just south of Savannah, ripping through South Carolina’s coastal islands with a 10- to 12-foot storm surge on a high tide. Estimates of the death toll ranged up to 3,500. No one could count all of the bodies that […]

Dolphin Watching

One of the favorite pastimes of Lowcountry residents and visitors as they walk the beach or cruise the local waterways, is watching dolphins as they play, fish or simply swim on by. Many people don’t realize, however, that they are actually whale watching. Most of us think of whales as large marine mammals, up to […]

Beaufort Named the Most Romantic Spot in South Carolina in 2018

Love is in the air in all year long in Beaufort. Residents of our town have know that for years. And now theactivetimes.com and MSN.com have named Beaufort “The Most Romantic Locale” in the state of South Carolina. Along with its Southern charm, Beaufort offers picturesque historic homes, elegant live oak trees, laden with Spanish moss, fine eateries, […]